The TikTok trend of permanent jewelry involves people getting jewelry that is attached to their bodies through dermal piercings or microdermal implants.

This type of jewelry is considered permanent because it is attached to the body in a way that requires professional removal.

The trend has gained popularity on TikTok due to the platform’s ability to showcase unique and visually appealing content.

Many users have posted videos of their permanent jewelry, which has sparked interest and curiosity among others.

Some of the different types of permanent jewelry that people are getting include dermal anchors, which are small metal anchors that are placed beneath the skin, and microdermal implants, which are small metal plates that are inserted beneath the skin.

Other popular types of permanent jewelry include wrist dermals, chest dermals, and even dermal horns.

While the trend of permanent jewelry may not be for everyone, it has certainly gained popularity among those who are looking to make a bold and unique statement with their appearance.

What is permanent jewelry?

Permanent jewelry is a type of body modification that involves attaching jewelry to the body through dermal piercings or microdermal implants.

Unlike traditional jewelry, which can be easily removed, permanent jewelry is attached to the body in a way that requires professional removal.

The main difference between permanent jewelry and traditional jewelry is the way that it is attached to the body.

Traditional jewelry is typically worn in piercings that are made through the skin, such as ear piercings or nose piercings. These piercings can be removed and the jewelry can be changed as desired.

Permanent jewelry, on the other hand, is attached to the body through dermal piercings or microdermal implants.

Dermal piercings involve inserting a small anchor into the skin, which is then used to attach the jewelry.

Microdermal implants involve inserting a small metal plate beneath the skin, which the jewelry is then attached to.

The techniques used to create permanent jewelry vary depending on the type of jewelry being created. Dermal piercings are typically created using a needle or scalpel, while microdermal implants are inserted using a dermal punch or needle.

The process of creating permanent jewelry requires specialized knowledge and training in order to ensure that it is done safely and properly.

Overall, permanent jewelry is a unique form of body modification that allows individuals to express themselves in a bold and creative way.

While it is not for everyone, those who choose to get permanent jewelry often appreciate the unique and striking appearance that it provides.

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